Warma is the biggest modern plant in the field of towel rails in Turkey and a leading foreign trade company doing business all over the world since founded operation in 2005. In 2005, Warma launced with the capacity 3750 m2 closed-area at 5000 m2 open-space and turned into investment area with the 18.100 m2 closed-area at 37.000 m2 open-space in 2010. Since its foundation day to nowadays, existing capacity has increased constantly and reached to 60.000 units produced monthly.

warma fabrika

Today, as having with three plants, Warma's export is made to foreign countries on vast range from European, Middle East and African countries  to USA, Argentina and Brazil at %98 percentage and supplies our domestic market at %2 percentage. The objective of Warma is to be leader in the field of heating sector by giving importance and supporting to Research&Development activities, selectivity in production in all stages and technology investment increasing day by day in accordance with necessity of our contemporary era in order to meet increasing demand of our consumers and respond to their requirements accurately.

From management  to production and marketing departments parts , all of our dynamics and modern team's  superior effort and skill taking part in our organization leads to help increasing our successful graph. All products are produced in accordance with conditions of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Warma provides  products correspond to all standards in terms of renewing production process in the direction of latest technology, educating and training our workers according to varying conditions in our contemporary world and in the direction of the sensitivity of environment and world nature  and quality reliability.  Warma, adapting in principles of total quality management as an organization culture , aims to present high services and quality products to our customers as a leader for the future same as today.





  • The prime object of our environmental policy is to protect environment. Environmental protection includes the prevention of noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and  impacts of radiation beside the removal of waste and protection of the soil. Therefore we develop the best systems that prevent the pollution in its source before it occurs. 
  • Environmental protection is the duty of all employers and employees. Creating a nature conciousness on employees and promoting it is the permanent responsibility of the management department.


  • Regulations on environment must be taken seriously. And even there is no legal obligation, all the  measures must be taken. For this reason we work for the implemetations of all national and international legal rules and regulations on environment.Teaching  our employees these rules and raising an awareness on them is our fundamental duty.
  • Even at the situations that there is no legal obligations or no risk on human life, all the precautions to reduce or remove ecological damage is thought as the unseperable part of environmental protection. As Warma Isı Ürünleri Ltd. Şti we pay special attention on this issue and we ensure its continuity.





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